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A self sustaining garden

As I have said elsewhere in this blog I like the idea of having a garden that doesn’t rely on you to plant seeds or seedlings and reliably continues to crop. Imagine if almost all you needed to do was pull the odd weed, and just a little tending! So far on my list of plants I would have in such a garden are:

rhubarb, multiplying leeks and onions, tree or walking onions, strawberries, potatoes

and last week I learnt about miners lettuce, a perennial rocket bush.

I guess you could add berry bushes such as raspberries as once given some canes these will continue to crop although it’s advantageous to prune.

Imagine if we could get to a point where we could give people a starter pack of such vegetables and with it they could maintain their family in vegetables without having spend money or be overly attentive to the garden – just harvest when needed. Given a lot of people in NZ are struggling with paying their bills it would certainly be one way to help.


Rearranging – Sustainability & Permaculture

Thanks to Leigh 🙂 I have done a quick reorganisation. I had thought I was nicely arranging my site with tabs up the top  to contain my journey into sustainability and permaculture. He pointed out that he couldn’t do an RSS feed into those pages. It was nice that someone wanted to do an RSS feed to my site therefore my vanity or desire for fame (yeah right!) has got the better of me and  so I have moved them into the body of the blog.

My thinking is that I will just keep adding comments into the posts rather than either of them taking over and occupational therapy taking a backseat. The task proved a lot less painful than rearranging a filing cabinet! The only problem was the comments from others that have come into the pages – I didn’t want to loose them so have ended up cutting and pasting them in but in the process lost the link lines (not sure what you call them)  that went with them. So to those people sorry !!.

Permaculture Diary

In the permaculture course I am doing we are encouraged to diary about our site and the things that we observe or discover as we attempt to design and develop our sites in line with permaculture principles. Given I have a blog I thought this would be the best place to keep the diary – you never know you might be able to help me out!

Week 1: 24th Feb

This week we were asked to describe our sites. I have a 1012 Sq metre suburban section in Anderson Bay/Tainui. The house, garage shed, deck and paths probably take up 1/4 of the space. Half of the site which includes the house is level. The rest of the site slopes gently/moderately (but for Dunedin you would probably say gently). The site is fully fenced. I have recently moved in but there are a number of gardens already established although they have not been cared for for some time, bushes and shrubs have become leggy as there has been no pruning for some time and the weeds are well established. Most of the gardens contain flower plants or shrubs. There is a vegetable garden that I have cleared and done some planting in. I made my first no dig garden over one very weed filled garden and transshipped a small berry plot from my old house (a couple of blackberries, 3 cranberries and 2 blueberry bushes). I have one plum tree (also transplanted from the old house).

One part of the garden the neighbours tell me attacks birds in the right season (which one I don’t know – no birds currently) there is a Strawberry Tree and a Lucerne Tree (neighbours description).

I know that down one side of the house in wet weather it sounds squishly again the neighbours tell me it dries out quickly.

the gardens under the eves are very dry currently.

Weather – This week has been mainly fine, a couple of beautiful days and some overcast, a little light rain.

Rain fall- I know that since I put up the rain gauge on the 9th Jan to 23rd Feb there has been 53 ml? of rain (includes the weight of 2 large spiders that got into the rain gauge and died!).

I don’t know which way my site faces – but I know it is not North facing I will have to work it out!

In the vege garden at the moment I have:

Rhurbarb – producing prolifically, Courgettes – Which haven’t done very well only a few small ones – I don’t think I watered them enough now the are nearly done, silverbeet currently being harvested (+6 new plants donated and planted by the neighbour), broccoli – 6 well established but no heads, 6 cauliflower plants, some bunching onions (which seem not to have bunched!), one apple cucumber that hasn’t produced. Some dwarf beans half a row 15cm tall some just coming through, scarlet runner beans about 1 mt high – no beans yet some flowers, lettuces 5 plants being picked regularly, and the cats think the portion of the garden not planted is a good place for a toilet!!

Gardening Activity this week:

Weeded berry plot, Pulled out of pile for the the skip some wood and cut it for the fire, and some twigs for the compost bin – my compost bin isn’t composting well! added twigs, blood and bone and some water ??? still too dry – need to get the lawn mower man to add some grass clippings.