Occupational Therapy Tag lines

I was interested to see a piece on the launch of a new tag line for occupational therapy coming out of the US

“Occupational Therapy. Living Life to Its Fullest.”

It set me to trying to remember other tag lines occupational therapy has had and I wondered whether it would show changes to how we were describing the profession. However I have decided my memory isn’t as good as I thought or maybe there haven’t been that many?

Late 1990’s to mid 2000’s “Occupational Therapy. Skills for the Job of Living.” or sometimes shortened to “Occupational therapy skills for living” this one seemed to be used by occupational therapists worldwide.

In the mid 2000’s The New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists had for a short time the tag line

“Occupational therapy – live the life you want”

and way back in the1980’s? there was one I am struggling to bring to mind. Was it

“Occupational therapy a vital link to productive living” ????? (not to sure that I have this one correct).

Maybe there is someone out there who can add to the list?


3 responses to “Occupational Therapy Tag lines

  1. That was definitely the one…why?! what’s more, why do I remember it?
    I used one for my first occupational therapy business ‘Occupational therapy: practical solutions for everyday problems’. At the time I was quite proud of it!

  2. occupationaltherapyotago

    Hi adiemusfree
    Thanks for the confirmation on” Occupational therapy a vital link to productive living”. Would you use your tag line now or has your thinking changed?

    I was talking to Clare who had been to the British conference (I think) where a therapist was talking about the work she had done about introducing 10 year olds to occupational therapy. She had heard that it was at 10 that many children started to develop their first firm notions of what they wanted to be when they grew up. In trying to work out the easiest way of describing to 10 year olds what occupational therapy is (?a tag line) she decided occupational therapy was all about “doing well’. Feeling the phrase not only described what we are about but that it often lead to people asking useful questions which helped further define occupational therapy.

  3. I think ‘practical solutions to everyday problems’ actually captures the spirit of occupational therapy quite well. I also like ‘living well’ or ‘doing well’…
    I wouldn’t give myself a generalist occupational therapy tag now, and would instead focus on what I specifically do, which is help people live healthily. And that’s why I have the business name ‘Healthskills’ and the tag of ‘Skills for healthy living’ – after all, what is good for people with pain is good for all of us! And I thought of that after reconceptualising a diabetic diet – it’s not a ‘diabetic diet’ nowadays, it’s simply a ‘healthy diet’. Makes it simpler really!

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