Monthly Archives: August 2008

Are you ‘neurotypical’?

Does this posting title make you want to gag? I almost have to take Advance OT off my best blogs list!!. In describing the learning and events at a conference on autism on their blog, I found the blogger describing those without autism as ‘neurotypical’. Having not heard the term before it stopped me momentarily in my tracks – perhaps I’m not getting out enough!

I found myself envisaging the need to give everyone a MRI scan or similar to check whether you were ‘neurotypical’. I guess the question is why do we need to do this? why don’t we accept difference/diversity without seeming to have to show that the ‘other’ is um…better?


Occupational Therapy Tag lines

I was interested to see a piece on the launch of a new tag line for occupational therapy coming out of the US

“Occupational Therapy. Living Life to Its Fullest.”

It set me to trying to remember other tag lines occupational therapy has had and I wondered whether it would show changes to how we were describing the profession. However I have decided my memory isn’t as good as I thought or maybe there haven’t been that many?

Late 1990’s to mid 2000’s “Occupational Therapy. Skills for the Job of Living.” or sometimes shortened to “Occupational therapy skills for living” this one seemed to be used by occupational therapists worldwide.

In the mid 2000’s The New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists had for a short time the tag line

“Occupational therapy – live the life you want”

and way back in the1980’s? there was one I am struggling to bring to mind. Was it

“Occupational therapy a vital link to productive living” ????? (not to sure that I have this one correct).

Maybe there is someone out there who can add to the list?