Monthly Archives: May 2008

Are we busier?

Today has been one of those days when you feel that there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need to get done. By the time one attends the meetings, and attends to the emails (in this instant world everyone expects an email reply pronto), there seems little other time left in the standard work day.

So what was today like:

The morning was full of meetings and email – when I look back now the meetings were actually very productive, and I did manage to get most of the emails responded to although the ‘a response needed file’ in the emails grew somewhat.

At lunch time we celebrated one of our staff members going off to the Masters World Games and I found myself saying to the staff member who had arranged the celebration – it’s great to be celebrating, but sadly sometimes in today’s busy world we need to ensure that we have plenty of people around who remind us to celebrate.

After lunch things went backwards I did manage to deal with one meeting on the phone rather than a face to face meeting freeing some time. But it was one of those afternoons where the technology and I were definitely not in sych, the computer was having a go slow day, I couldn’t get the library data bases to workfrom my computer – all I wanted was one article!, then I couldn’t figure out how to cut and paste some info into a table I was trying to complete (the usual methods didn’t work) etc etc.

But I think the biggest frustration of the day was that feeling that no matter how quickly I was working there were things I just wasn’t getting to, the lecture I have to write and give on Monday, the proposal due tomorrow, the timelines that need to be written and implemented for some key activities we have planned, a second proposal due next week, the monthly reporting etc.

So today’s questions are how do we work smarter?? and how do we look after ourselves to ensure work/life/ balance. As an occupational therapist I see that it is important to live it was well as talk it. So watch this space – I’m not sure of the answers but something is going to chance.