A self sustaining garden

As I have said elsewhere in this blog I like the idea of having a garden that doesn’t rely on you to plant seeds or seedlings and reliably continues to crop. Imagine if almost all you needed to do was pull the odd weed, and just a little tending! So far on my list of plants I would have in such a garden are:

rhubarb, multiplying leeks and onions, tree or walking onions, strawberries, potatoes

and last week I learnt about miners lettuce, a perennial rocket bush.

I guess you could add berry bushes such as raspberries as once given some canes these will continue to crop although it’s advantageous to prune.

Imagine if we could get to a point where we could give people a starter pack of such vegetables and with it they could maintain their family in vegetables without having spend money or be overly attentive to the garden – just harvest when needed. Given a lot of people in NZ are struggling with paying their bills it would certainly be one way to help.


3 responses to “A self sustaining garden

  1. You couldalso look at sorrel which seems to crop all year rounddespite weather conditions.I found that my miners lettuce died off over the dry summer and it isn’t showing the degree of regrowth I had last year.

    You might also look at micro growing with small indoor/outdoor containers with watercress, mustard, spinach, silver beet, and other salad vegetables which are harvested when they are only 5 – 10 cm high. I have successfully kept up salad vegeatables over the winter with these.

  2. occupationaltherapyotago

    Nice to hear from you. We will have to have a real time conversation soon on gardening, funny how there are some things that don’t come up! . I like the sound of micro growing I don’t know enough I always assumed that you had to replace and start again quite frequently, but sounds like you are able to keep them going for some time. I don’t think I have ever tasted sorrel for some reason that has no basis I have always thought that it would be quite bitter. J

  3. occupationaltherapyotago

    Well I got the sorrell plant from Graeme and it is growing, in amongst the weeds. I will have enough soon to try it in my salad to see if I like it. I have also just got some miners lettuce seed – so will plant them into a seed tray to see if I can get them started.
    So the self sustaining garden is growing 🙂

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