It’s March…already!

I can’t believe that we have got to March and I haven’t posted a post. It has been a busy few months. First there was the holiday which recharged the batteries. Then I shifted house – everyone asks where to and I have to confess to five doors down on the other side of the road! (clearly I like the area). Like like a lot of house shifts there has been work to be done – gardening, wallpaper striping (I couldn’t live with lime green wallpaper) and things to get repaired. Then work was busy getting ready for our students to start the new year. In between the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists said they would audit educators in their Continuing Competence Framework for Recertification and so I needed to ensure everything was up to date in terms of my objectives and actions for the year. I think I am just on ready to start posting again so watch this spot.


2 responses to “It’s March…already!

  1. Great to see you’re posting again!
    And yes, getting the portfolio up for the audit is quite a job… I’m still working on mine!

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