Why be an occupational therapist?

This is my (and hopefully your) contribution to Occupational Therapy Awareness Week which is coming up soon in New Zealand.

My challenge is to all the occupational therapists, and occupational therapy students who drop in and read this site – please very briefly describe your job/training and the thing that you like best about it, or add a brief story or tale. My blog statistics (I know I am obsessed by them!) tell me that there lots of people out there wanting to know more about occupational therapy. Given that we know it is difficult to describe the breath of possibilities for occupational therapists if 20 or 30 or more people posted it would be really interesting to see what we could show about the diversity of occupational therapy

I am an educator now but as a clinician I worked of 20 years as an occupational therapist who worked with children and their families I loved the diversity as each day was always so different no two children or their families were the same. The two jobs I loved most were working in a child development centre in New Zealand home visiting children who who had a disability or whose development was delayed and working in a Bobath Centre in Britain working with children who had cerebral palsy.

In every setting I have been lucky to find peers and team members who stimulated and challenged me ensuring that the job was never dull. But mostly I loved having a good excuse to spend the day knee deep in play.


4 responses to “Why be an occupational therapist?

  1. I am an OT student about to finish my first year. I am learning a little bit about a lot of different things…a jack of all trades to some extent. I love OT school and the profession because it allows you to basically help ANYBODY, in some way…you can’t beat helping others improve their quality of life.

    I also like that there are so many specialties. I especially like pediatrics, balance, and possibly vestibular stuff…I’m looking into it.

    Nice post!

  2. I’m a Honours student from New Zealand, currently working part time in an acute team while finishing my dissertation…

    I got into OT because I loved the idea of a job which really understood the importance of life balance – an idea which has always had some importance to me (not that I’m always good at it!).

    I also really appreciated the range of work that OTs do and the way that you can bring your interests, abilities and previous life experiences into your work in a way that just isn’t possible in a lot of other careers.

    And it’s about making people’s lives that little bit better…

    Happy OT Week everyone!

  3. I’m an OT student (first year, first semester) from NJ, USA getting my masters degree. I love all of the rehab sciences, but found that occupational therapy just fit me the best. I was a psychology & holistic health major as an undergraduate and I just love how OT incorporates every aspect of the person. My areas of interest are in TBI, stroke, NDT / Neuro-IFRAH.

    Patti : )

  4. i”m an occupational therapist from Brazil, sorry if my english is not so good. But i ‘ll try to express my poit of view. I liked very much your bolg, and think that this is a good way to knows diferents “kinds of O.T” that here, in Brazil we are T.O (Terapia ocupacional).
    Good blog, can i link to my one?
    There i have been writting some experimental way at the interface art and O.T.

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