My impact on the World!

I’m on a conquering technology blitz. For those of you interested in your blog statistics check out my clustrMap on the right. This gives a visual representation of the visitors to my blog telling me where in the world they are based (so now whilst I don’t now who the lurkers are I can enjoy knowing where they are based!!). I have admired for a while Hosmer Schools cluster map and suddenly realised that I to could have one.

It continues to amaze me the things people have developed that are free to download and use. If you want a clustrMap when you click on mine it offers the opportunity for you to set up your own.


4 responses to “My impact on the World!

  1. I got really excited yesterday because Carolyn showed me how I can decipher my blog stats. Its fascinating where your blogs readers are based – just another thing I’m obsessed with now!!

  2. 🙂 Its great to see enthusiasm and creative experimentation starting to take off in this network at last! Pretty soon I won’t have a chance in hell at keeping up with everyone!

  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. occupationaltherapyotago

    I’d love to know what it is you don’t agree with.

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