Harry’s finally made it !!

Harry’s finally made it !!

Sometime ago I was talking about mastering technology and had to confess that I couldn’t figure out how to get my photo’s from the camera to my blog, and that if you ever saw Harry (the cat) you would know I had finally sorted the problem. I have been reduced to bribing Merrolee (Occupational Therapy Education Issues) with a glass of wine and a browse and borrow from my book shelf in exchange for some “looking over the shoulder” learning – and hey it’s sorted. However now I am on a roll and in the belief that the only way to cement my knowledge is to practice I have changed all the photo’s on the blog to photo’s I have taken this winter. I have left the Banner but perhaps one day it too will change. Harry at the door When it all comes together technology is a wonderful thing.



4 responses to “Harry’s finally made it !!

  1. Love your pussy cat!! I love it when I have mastered a particular skill. You look back in a few weeks and think how ‘old hat’ all this is!

  2. Well I always knew that Harry was a handsome cat – now everyone else can admire him!

  3. Well done Jackie. Lovely cat!


  4. Good Jackie,

    Cute and lovely cat, I really like it !

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