Facilitating elearning communities

I have enrolled in a course on facilitating elearning communities. As part of that course I have to keep a reflective diary of my experiences. This is therefore the start of that journal.

The most exciting thing for me so far has been a link posted on the course to The Art of Building Virtual Communities http://www.techlearning.com/blog/2007/08/the_art_of_building_virtual_… it is well worth a look with a great discussion and links. I have heard a lot about the lurkers in elearning communities – the people that visit your site/community but who don’t post and who we all try to image and give form to. However it made me think about the other people that make up the community the linkers, the learners and the leaders. One of the links on the site talked about the leaders ‘building the fire’ which encourages participation and learning. I have been linking/lurking/learning at other occupational therapy websites recently and it has been really interesting to see what topics have ‘gone on fire’ e.g. got lots of comments. The observation I would make is that so often it is what the second and third person who comment that ensure that there is a ‘fire’. For me more learning happens when I can see different perspectives.

Linkers, lurkers, learners and leaders are all welcome to contribute.

View of Dunedin from Bayfield


2 responses to “Facilitating elearning communities

  1. Hi Jackie, you were kinda secretive about your blog. I found out so late in your test and I was very surprised. To my knowledge the first HOD blogging their work and thoughts. So what does that make you? a lurking, quiet achiever? 🙂 Did none of the other links grab you? Would be great to see as many reviews and summaries as you can muster 😉

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I’ve just come across the same article. Some good info, but you’re right the comments are what make it.

    is also worth a look. No really related to facilitating communities, but interesting to see what you get when you…

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