Occupational therapy is it boring??

Blog statistics are interesting things. I was intrigued to see someone had done a search on “occupational therapy boring” and some how they had got to my site !!. It made me stop and think is occupational therapy boring?, have I been bored being an occupational therapist?, are students bored?  What is boring about? is boredom internally or externally driven? 

When I look at the dictionary the following phrases are associated with bored, boring, or boredom: A dull and uninteresting activity, tedious, feeling weary and impatient because one is not well occupied.  

Occupational therapists should know about being well occupied, but do we apply our knowledge to ourselves? 

And the opposite of bored  = excitement.

Strong, R., Silver, H., Perini, M., & Tuculescu, G., (2003). Boredom and its opposite. Educational  Leadership, 61(1), 24-29. 

Have this to say about boredom in the classroom: “Adam Phillips (1993) describes boredom as both: 

A form of depression—a kind of anger turned inward;

and A longing for that which will transform the self, making life and learning meaningful. 

This double aspect of boredom—its negative brooding and its positive yearning—makes it difficult to deal with in the life of classrooms… Instead of [teachers] asking, Am I boring?, we can ask, when are students most likely to be interested enough to overcome the boredom that occasionally haunts almost any sustained act of learning? In other words, When and under what conditions do students care enough to work hard? This question shifts attention away from an obsession with boredom and toward a more productive fascination with ordinary human interest.”

And “student achievement is more highly correlated with student interests than with cognitive ability, then we should make curriculum design based on human interests a primary focus for professional development” 

for more you will find the article on http://www.ascd.org/authors/ed_lead/el200309_strong.html  

And so clearly there are ways to help students be less bored  but is occupational therapy boring? I look forward to hearing from others….


3 responses to “Occupational therapy is it boring??

  1. Good lord. I hope you have a PhD, because you are certainly smart enough for one. Your pool of thoughts is like fifty times deeper than my pool of thoughts. I’m just like “I’m bored…oh look a fly” while you are like “the pulchritidinous pusillanimous sesquipedelian curriculum design of melancholia natural malingering”. No but seriously, blog stats do crack me up as well, and I think you are on to something regarding boredom – how DO you take long lectures over a long day and make it so your students actually care? Hmmm. Must think.

  2. OTstudent….I wonder if I was in the same program! I had the same experience and concerns….and I actually did wind up dropping out of the program in the middle of the second semester, based on the same concerns you wrote about. Not that my writing this is helpful….but yeah, you’re not alone in your observations/concerns. When I was at school, I felt like I was the only one who had those thoughts…

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