Blogging duldrums


I seem to have the Blogging duldrums. I have a few things that I could blog about but it seems like a bit of effort at the moment. And so a post that doesn’t require too much thought is in order….

I was doing a little procrastination at the end of the day yesterday when a survey on using technology for professional development popped up in my emails – and so it got my attention. It made me realise just how dependent I am now on the web and yet 10 years ago it was not a feature of my work life at all, I started to wonder how I coped without the instant information I now have at my finger tips.

Did it mean I relied more on my own analysis and interpretation?…. was it easier to be confident in my own abilities and reasoning i.e. no checking it out on the net …. does the web mean we individually now know less or more? …. does it help us articulate ideas more easily or less? …. what do we do better as a result of the web and what do we do less well?

I think this post is turning out to require more thinking power than is available tonight as I multitask watching TV (as I was going to have an evening blobbing out) blogging, and trying to fit the cat and the lap top on my lap at once. So if anyone else has any thoughts they would be appreciated.


3 responses to “Blogging duldrums

  1. Hi,
    I was really pleased to hear you are blogged out – me too! I have nothing intelligent to write having just mustered up the enthusiam for a last post on my own blog, and I am also now looking forward to the TV. It is hard I think, being new to lots of technology, to keep going. The lerning curve can be incredibly steep. Comments from others help me as I feel at least someone is reading. Hope they help you too. Have a good weekend.

  2. Well Jackie – a pity the cat and the tv won out – I think your stream of thought was evolving into an interesting one.. hey where’s a photo of Harry the cat by the way – he deserves a place on your blog!

    I think that the web has the potential to encourage us to be more analytical – thoughts we took for granted, we might now share on the web in our blogs etc.. and be questionned or challenged by others. As the OT blogging world is still a small one – then we are often encouraged to think more widely around the issue as someone from a different culture (even if they speak English) will see a different perspective. While we comment backwards and forwards we attempt to gain a grasp on the concept from multiple perspectives. I’m not saying this didn’t happen 10 years ago – but the conversations were more likely to happen in our own close circles and so we were perhaps too similar to each other, and shared too many values to be able to really challenge each other.

    I think in commenting on each other’s blogs we get practice in being more articulate – because we have to explain where we are coming from when we make a comment that is opposite to or contrary to anothers.. then we end up thinking more about why we take a particular stance. To have that recognised we have to articulate it more clearly… and in doing so we learn more about ourselves!

    What do I do better? Hard to think about that one – I guess blogs act like conferences for me but much easier – I can bounce from one blog to the next (if I have time).. much as I would have cruised from one book to the next in a bookshelf – or one journal to another on a display stand… the difference is I get to ‘talk’ in more depth with the person whose ideas I’m trying to understand – books and journals don’t enable that! In the past I could have riveting conversations with people, but I couldn’t go back and retrieve them later – I can with a blog or a website, or an online resource….

    So I think its expanded my horizons.. its exposed me to ideas at little or no cost (just my internet connection)… I can see ideas evolving in leading figures -not just see the product that ends up in the journals or on the conference stage.. and its helped me to learn about myself -which is as important as learning book knowledge!

  3. occupationaltherapyotago

    Hi Merrolee

    I would do if I could!!… I now have the technology to give Harry (the cat) a starring role. However whilst I can get the photo’s from the camera to the computer I haven’t yet figured out how to get one picture from the set to a posting on to my blog. So if you see Harry on the blog you will know that there is one more piece of technology that I have mastered. Mind I am not too sure that Harry is that keen to have his photo taken. I think the vet dented his male pride last week when she called him voluptuous!!

    Back to the serious stuff I agree with you blogging is great for helping you practice formulating a view and articulating it. It also enables you to gain a variety of different perspectives from a wide range of different people to an issue, problem, or idea that you might have.

    When I look at the different questions I posted last night I was clearly being a little devil’s advocatish (if there is such a word). However in thinking about my question what do we do better as a result of the web and what do we do less well? I am very aware that the computer/web era called on us to develop different skills and other skills perhaps more necessary in a precomputer/web world slid a little eg. I used to be able to write a report from start to finish in one hit. Now I start, I then think of a point I want to raise later in the report type it go back to the beginning, think of a good end rearrange sentences and paragraphs and probably take longer – sometimes I think that I should be trying to recapture some of the skill of capturing a whole first rather than focusing on the parts. But would I be any better for it? – I don’t know – guess it just shows that there are a range of ways to get to an end point.


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