I have recently found the the social bookmarking site and set up my own ‘library’ within it. Its a great way to save the useful sites you find on the web that you think you will want to go back to and a great way to share information with others –

Frozen Lake near Alexander


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  1. Well Jackie – good to see your second posting already. And you’ve sorted out your Blogroll as well as some categories! You’ve made a great start on your first day of blogging! And your links worked as well!!!! I’ll send the other OT’s this way to check out your posting which is a good example.

  2. Good work Jackie! I have added you to my network (Im actually on twice – my willwade account is really quite dull/non-OT related.. metaot is the one I keep all OT stuff) and hope you dont mind the odd social-thieving of links every now and again!

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